Does your lawn drainage really matter?

Draining is important when looking for artificial grass. Draining is important because it will reduce still water which can lead to bugs and mud. There will not be a mess and there will be no smell. 

 Artificial grass is superior when it comes to drainage. The grass is green all years and now technology allows the grass to have the correct drainage so there will be no puddles of standing water. 

 Synthetic grass uses Optimum Flow which is a permeable backing that is used to make sure it will drain correctly. This allows the fake grass to have better drainage capabilities than real grass. Dirt and water is not needed so there will be no mud. This will allow your family and even pets to enjoy being outside without worry about tracking mud into the home or ruining the lawn. The water will be absorbed right through the turf. The water will then be moved under the surface. There will be no puddles of water left on the surface of the turf. 

 If you are experiencing issues with drainage in your yard you should look into an artificial turf. The turf will be designed to fit your yard and it will be installed by professionals. You will not longer have to worry about drainage issue, standing water, and mud. The water will go under the turf and will be carried away. It will not build up and stand in your yard. 

 If you are looking to fix your drainage issues you should contact the professional turf installers. They can talk to you about the drainage issues you are experiencing and help you find a solution that works. They will install a custom artificial turf that will stay green, stay clean, and have great drainage so you will not have to worry about puddles and flooding.

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Consider A New Surface For Your Pet’s Kennel

As a child, we are taught to take pride in our work. Since our home is a major investment, most homeowners almost become obsessed with their yard work. is a company that takes pride in their work.

Then, there tends to be a problem trying to map the yard out by the pet lover. He wants his lawn beautiful, but wants to give Rover his outside space too. That dog just loves to dig and make big holes in the yard. When it rains, it looks like a hog pen. He will have to be OK with that little corner space on the backside of the yard.

WOW! A pretty lawn AND my dog can roll all over the yard. With faux grass, the dog can’t mess up the grass ever again. It’s impossible for him to dig a hole, even with sharp claws.

Imagine all the money that you will save from Dr. bills and allergy meds. Faux grass has no allergens for the dog and baby to crawl around in. It is free of toxins and pests too. I can’t even imagine a summer night without mosquitoes.

Baby and Rover won’t be too upset that they won’t need to be bathed as often with no dirt to play in. Wonder what daddy will do with all that lawn equipment he loves playing with?

No more walking behind Rover with the plastic bag up his butt. The Maxx Flow Drainage System takes care of that mess.

I had no idea that there were over two dozen styles of artificial grass. Rover is going to need to go pick out his play grass, meal grass and bed grass. Honestly, the grass varies by color, height, thickness, materials and infills. It’s TRULY different strokes for different folks! Faux grass is not only beautiful, but my work has been cut in half. I’ll have lots more shopping, tanning and nail time! ME time Baby!!!

Best Lawn Games to Play on Artificial Grass

The best part about having synthetic or artificial grass is that the activities you can do on that grass are basically endless. There are so many things that you can do with your friends and family and all of it can be in your back or front yard. With summer coming to a close, everyone is trying to make the best of the last few weeks, here are some of the best lawn games you can play on your artificial grass.

You can have a water balloon fight. While yes, you can do this almost anywhere, you have to think about the clean up. If you play it near a dirt surface and someone falls down then they are going to be a mess. And if that doesn’t happen, you still have to clean up the balloons after the fight is done and who can find all of these pieces in between blades of grass? But with artificial turf, you can say goodbye to the mud and the hours searching for the balloons.

Giant Jenga is also something fun for everyone involved. If the game goes on all day and you have regular grass, there is going to be a dent of dead grass in your yard, you can’t ignore this and you can’t prevent it from happening. But if you have artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about that because there is nothing to kill but the fun when dinner is ready.

Cornhole is a great game too because, unlike having it on actual grass, it will stay level and steady and you won’t have to call anyone out for cheating because the board had moved in between turns. The artificial grass is naturally going to give you a flat surface so that nothing can interfere with your activities, that is why Cornhole is a great choice. You can also play other games like kickball or spikeball. The level surface and the softness of the ground will make sure that no one gets hurt while having fun.

Camping in your backyard and doing other summer activities with a synthetic lawn

Summer is the perfect time to do all of the things you want to do but never have time for. Like having a grill out and inviting over all of your friends or even camping out in your backyard. With Synthetic grass you have the chance to do all of the activities you want to do this summer, it has very few limits and even those you can get by if you know how to do the activity safely. So here is a list of things that you can do on your artificial turf with your family this summer:

You can have a picnic with your friends and family. With artificial turf you don’t have to worry about bugs invading your blanket and food basket while you are running around and throwing a football with your friends because bugs are not a fan of the material that the synthetic grass is made out of. So if you have ever wanted a picnic but didn’t have one because of bugs, you can have one now especially because of the low AGL turf cost.

Camping is also on the table of things that you can do. You can set up a s’mores station and tell your favorite ghost stories and most importantly, you won’t have to worry about the sprinklers coming on in the morning to ruin the fun because synthetic turf doesn’t need a constant spray down to stay fluffy and fresh. It is also a lot softer than natural grass so you won’t get uncomfortable in the middle of the night and want to move the camping to your bed inside of the house. With synthetic grass it feels more like you are sleeping on a carpet than it feels like sleeping on ground.

And don’t worry about the pets, they can get involved just as much as you can. Artificial grass is completely pet and child safe. Your little animal can be out there with you to camp or to have a picnic and it will be just as fun for them as it is for you. They will enjoy running around for hours and don’t worry if they do their business on the yard, it is easily cleanable with a water and vinegar mix spray that you place on that specific spot. Don’t wait until the temperature drops to enjoy your new yard, go out there and spend some quality time with the people that you love before the summer is over.