Consider A New Surface For Your Pet’s Kennel

As a child, we are taught to take pride in our work. Since our home is a major investment, most homeowners almost become obsessed with their yard work. is a company that takes pride in their work.

Then, there tends to be a problem trying to map the yard out by the pet lover. He wants his lawn beautiful, but wants to give Rover his outside space too. That dog just loves to dig and make big holes in the yard. When it rains, it looks like a hog pen. He will have to be OK with that little corner space on the backside of the yard.

WOW! A pretty lawn AND my dog can roll all over the yard. With faux grass, the dog can’t mess up the grass ever again. It’s impossible for him to dig a hole, even with sharp claws.

Imagine all the money that you will save from Dr. bills and allergy meds. Faux grass has no allergens for the dog and baby to crawl around in. It is free of toxins and pests too. I can’t even imagine a summer night without mosquitoes.

Baby and Rover won’t be too upset that they won’t need to be bathed as often with no dirt to play in. Wonder what daddy will do with all that lawn equipment he loves playing with?

No more walking behind Rover with the plastic bag up his butt. The Maxx Flow Drainage System takes care of that mess.

I had no idea that there were over two dozen styles of artificial grass. Rover is going to need to go pick out his play grass, meal grass and bed grass. Honestly, the grass varies by color, height, thickness, materials and infills. It’s TRULY different strokes for different folks! Faux grass is not only beautiful, but my work has been cut in half. I’ll have lots more shopping, tanning and nail time! ME time Baby!!!